Kathleen's Work for YOU on Council

In just four years on Council, Kathleen has prompted remarkable progress on key fronts. She has worked to:  

Expand our Economy:  We must become less tourism dependent. Kathleen helped bring an innovation hub (iHub) to Palm Desert promoting cybersecurity start-ups.    Its collaboration with CSUSB-Palm Desert will create new career paths for students.

U.S., where solar energy will soon power the 1.5 megawatt PEM electolyzer for hydrogen fuel cell technology, creating an innovative, self-sufficient microgrid.

"Maker Space" at the new iHub

Promote Smart Energy Policy:  As elected chairperson of the SunLine Transit Board, Kathleen has led expansion of the largest renewable hydrogen fueling facility in the 

Regulate Short-term Rentals: 

After hearing from all parties, Kathleen spurred a sensible approach, allowing on-site owners to rent casitas or rooms and derive income while barring outside investors from harming our neighborhoods.

Address Homelessness  with funding for two Palm Desert outreach workers to connect people with services and approval for new affordable housing.

Assure Thoughtful Progress by seeking quality development proposals while guarding vistas and other quality of life issues for current residents.

Implement Effective Pandemic Responses with funds for our businesses and an ordinance to protect our safety while shopping.