Ideas for Palm Desert

The campaign will include talk about the issues of today, and I will address them.  But I hope your vote will be less about today than tomorrow. We can keep the best of the past while pressing to get ahead of future trends. How?

Involve Everyone!  We have City committees and commisions for citizen input. Not enough people know about them. We could use social media in addition to regular notices. We could do a better job of recruiting and setting meeting times that make service possible for more people. 

Protect our Quality of Life!  I was the only candidate who was part of an envisioning process for over a year, where scores of people weighed in on what improvements we need. Two themes were strong: 1) We need to draw more customers to our vital El Paseo merchants, and 2) We want more gathering places with a variety of things to do. Some big plans emerged to serve these goals.

We can make progress on our goals with simple steps while big ideas are refined. Small spaces could be enhanced with pervasive recreational options:  stretching bars, benches that offer pedals, tables with built-in chess boards, chalk boards with catchy prompts. Fun options can give residents a place to gather and visitors a reason to come back.

What about CV Link? An Environmental Impact Report is due in December. CVAG has vowed to take many steps seeking public input as soon as the report is out. If you want to make sure you hear about chances for input, use the Contact button above. Check out 

The Future:  Palm Desert can get ahead in planning for transportation needs by making all projects and space allocations friendly to driverless cars.