Ideas for 2020 and Beyond

Everyone agrees that growing our CSU campus will help Palm Desert and the region. While others talk, Kathleen has acted. She was an active participant in the process that led state consultants to name the Palm Desert site's ability to address ummet need. She spends her own "dime" to be an Advancement Board member working to make a 4-year education affordable for all valley residents. She will deliver the results all seek.

Kathleen has the proven ability to listen and lead, no matter what issues arise. She has the youthful energy and wisdom for the challenges like Covid-19 that give little warning.

Keeping El Paseo fresh always has to be on the agenda. We must prioritize attraction of new business with an "experiential" element: participatory art, games, tasting (when safe). We must continue building our options for restaurants to serve outdoors in whatever way works for them and surrounding stores. We should NOT start major construction on the street now, creating another hardship for businesses. Outdoor dining can happen without that.

Kathleen supports:

Prioritizing better broadband:  This is key to a diverse economy and our success in a "work-from-home" world.

Improving the Short-term Rental Ordinance: Most areas zoned "Planned Residential" have an HOA and can self-regulate, but a small number do not. These neighborhoods are much like the R1 and R2 areas. We need to revisit this issue.

Pressing for more affordable housing: 

The City's Community engagement committee is striving to bring more diverse voices into city work. We need to intensify and broaden this effort by making meeting times more available to working people and using neighborhood forums to hear what people care about and their ideas.

Palm Desert is the employment center of the Valley. Housing more of the people who work here in our city will reduce commute expense and carbon emissions. It will improve quality of life for all.