No Time to Waste

The amenities we all want hinge on tourism and the income it brings.  Other areas are innovating to capture more of the market.  "Standing still" is not an option to keep and grow our share.  Building on Palm Desert's special appeal will require everyone—Council members, staff and residents—working together.  Kathleen's life has been all about helping people to work together and be the best they can be. Kathleen is our candiate for ALL Palm Desert. Choose partnerships over partisanship!

Your Candidate for ALL Palm Desert

We all want the same things: public safety, sound fiscal policy, good transportation, great parks, and other amenities. The key to your vote should be qualifications to deliver what we all want.  

"Everything I have done in life equips me to serve you on the Palm Desert City Council. I pledge to be a trustworthy servant of ALL Palm Desert."                               Kathleen Kelly


Kathleen with her mother Mary Helen at the dedication of the Richard S. Kelly Memorial Bridge on Portola.


The Desert Sun  officially endorsed Kathleen for Palm Desert City Council:
"Kelly ... showed deep knowledge of the issues as well as the thoughtful way

she would address them."