A Stellar Record 

In four years on Council, Kathleen has worked to:

  • Expand our economy and CSUSB-Palm Desert
  • Promote smart energy policy 
  • Fund Homelessness solutions
  • Assure thoughtful development
  • Achieve sensible regulation of short-term rentals

Your Candidate for ALL Palm Desert

Council is a non-partisan office. You deserve a representative who will listen to everyone with no pre-determined agenda and forge solutions for problems.

"Everything I have done in life equips me to serve you on the Palm Desert City Council. I pledge continued service as a trustworthy servant of ALL Palm Desert."                                                                        Kathleen Kelly


Kathleen with her mother Mary Helen at the dedication of the Richard S. Kelly Memorial Bridge on Portola.


We can overcome Covid 19 :

Your vote this year is all important. We need Kathleen's unifying leadership now more than ever. We can keep safe and keep our businesses open with consistent best practices.  Vote for good sense. Vote for Kathleen.