Support for Kathleen

A Facebook post said this about Kathleen:   "An amazing, inspirational leader who gives due diligence to the perspectives of each opinion. She is an honest listener and a dedicated public servant."  Kathleen has earned respect from a wide array of people:  
Elected Colleagues:
Assemblyman Chad Mayes
Supervisor V. Manuel Perez
Mayor John Aguilar
Mayor Linda Evans
Councilmember Sabby Jonathan
Mayor Geoff Kors
Mayor Scott Matas
Councilmember Lisa Middleton
Mayor Glenn Miller
Councilmember Robert Radi
C.O.D. Trustee Aurora Wilson
Partial List:
Brian Harnik
John and Heather Greenwood
Ray & Kathi Rodriguez      
Peggy Cravens       Sharon Spiegel
Meegan Villa           Jim Schmid
Christel Prokay       Ricardo & Jennifer Loretta
Davidi Compton      Mike & Sandy Hardin

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Join the growing list:
Carl L. Karcher
Charlie Ara       Ellen Kane
Bruce Poynter  Erika Sharp
Jann Buller       John Curran
"Kathleen Kelly is a proven leader we can trust to successfully guide Palm Desert's economy, while protecting our quality of life and the beauty of our desert. She is an extraordinary leader; count us fortunate to have her balanced perspective advancing Palm Desert. Please vote to re-elect Kathleen Kelly to our Palm Desert City Council."
Ray Rodriguez, Lifetime Resident, Businessman and Family Man
Beverly Fitzgerald
Juan Mireles
Bill & Paula Kroonen
Sally Simonds
Leo Sullivan
Bill & Karen Ulrich
Pam Williams
Susie Harvey
Kurt Olsen
Lyn & Ella Manor
Karla Lewis
Judy Burton
Mary McKenzie
Meredith Hardy
Lin Holland
"I endorse Kathleen Kelly for re-election to Palm
Desert City Council. She is a voice of reason and a trusted local leader and committed partner to helping people stay healthy and local businesses recover and responsibly re-open safely. Her experience and commitment to public service is what we need to help Palm Desert face it's most challenging problems."

Dr. Raul Ruiz, U. S. Representative, CA 36 District